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Looking Foward Is Better Than looking Backwards.

Just thought I would check in here as I’ve been a little busy with other things going on in my busy life here on death row.  I’m just doing fine under the circumstances but as ya’ll know Michaela has been over here in the USA making herself busy and also been to visit me.   Photo’s will be posted as soon as they are developed, I know the haters are gonna hate on us but heyyyyyy we are used to that. 

I just wanted to let people know I’m still alive and kicking and be warned more updates will follow.

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donnabroadway asked: Hi Mr. Miles, I want to know how you feel about the governor calling for a death penalty repeal. Thank you, Donna


Thank you for contacting Jody Lee Miles as you know Jody doesn’t have access to the internet so I had to wait to speak to him so I could relay your message to him.

Here is his response:

The death penalty is wrong for so many reasons, for starters the sentence of death is to be used for what society believes is the worst of the worst crimes, so does that mean that taking one life is far worse than someone who takes multiple lives? Since this prison I am housed in is filled with inmates who have taken several life’s but do not have the sentence of DEATH !!!

Killing is wrong and hypocritical; the state say contract killing is wrong but then pays people to carry out the executions.  The death penalty is a political tool were justice is not an issue and it’s what will help politically.  Abolishing  the DP would save so much money and it needs to be abolished but in doing so I fear never being able to argue or present the facts in my case which was never told or heard in a court room, is this justice?  No!!  The prosecution does not believe in justice and wants to waste the courts time and deny me my appeals by asking the court to issue an execution order on me now, the courts have not responded to the states motion but the prosecution is asking the courts to deny me my legal appeals so the truth will never come out.

This is not justice and seems criminal, something my original prosecutor knows plenty about since he spent time in jail for breaking the same laws he prosecuted others for. Ironic and crazy!!!

Much like capital punishment…  

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Not Feeling To Good Right Now.

I’ll keep up with my post’s and message’s when time permits. To those that have sent private messages I promise to get back up with you and answer all your questions when time permits.

Hey I’m on death row, my time is limited……. I’m sure you understand.

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Thank You For The New Fan Mail AnneTheBelgian & Granny B

On September 25th I received a large envelope which, to my surprise, was mail from a lovely lady by the name of Anne. Ya’ll know I like to receive letters and pictures, so you can imagine how pleased I was to receive 9 pages of her work, which she had posted out on a pro site along with photos; so I’d like to say a huge THANK YOU for those. They made my day as well as the other inmates.

I shared all her handy work; we all had a laugh at her expense as we all know that ink isn’t cheap and she even paid for the postage!!!!  What a women.

We like to get mail from the Netherlands, although it was sent locally.  I must have a fan club because ‘AnnTheBelgian’ has made it her mission to make me happy with her soul mate, by the name of GrannyB ( Rapper Chick).

I am just keeping this page up to date so my followers are aware that this SCUMBAG (that’s me) will continue with my blog.  However, might I just add that I feel appreciated by the time and effort that is put into making me feel special. Feel free to send more mail.


Mr Miles

AnneTheBelgian Talking to her Granny B (AKA Rapper Chick)


This photo is of Granny B in full Pro Active Mode.

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I was told it was mandatory to work towards my General Educational Development (or GED)  I was wondering why funds are available for this rather than fight for our life?  Answers on a post card PLEASE.